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Richard Curtner Word Collages

Welcome to CurtnerArt. This is the official online gallery store for the word collages created by Palm Springs area artist Richard Curtner. Taking the X-Acto knife further than its ever been...

Why Buy Art?

When you invest in a piece of art that you love, a piece that speaks to your heart it has many beneficial effects. The feeling of joy is priceless... the beauty of the work elevates us out of the mundane, takes away the stresses and strains of our lives, even if only for a moment.  When you live with art you love, those gifts are available to you and those you love every time you pause to enjoy the artwork. 

In general, the value of an artist's work only increases over time so it's a win win from a financial perspective. But owning original and unique artwork is more than a financial investment, it is also much more than just decoration, it inspires us to look at the world in a different way. 

Buying art supports artists directly allowing them to continue with their creative process, which in turn continues to improve the quality of life for all of us. Art is an environmentally- friendly form of enjoyment. It is easy to maintain and energy efficient. Your art choices and curating your own collection is a means of personal expression and reflects your individual personality.