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Dear Richard Curtner,     "I love "Story Book Ending".  All real materials.  No paint.  No computer.  What?  You use your Hands?   Many Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Tom Hanks (actor, filmmaker, author)    


"I was immediately mesmerized by his art. Curtner blends his artistic talents with his passion for the written word. In my opinion, Curtner should be the official artist of the PR industry. And not just because the walls at HMA Public Relations now feature Curtner's pieces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Scott Hanson  President HMA Pulbic Relations                                                                                                                                                              


"A surprise was Richard Curtner's collage art. Many people try collage but few do it well. Curtner is among those who do it really well. He even incorporates words associated with the image depicted in each piece."

-Brian Passey, USA Today

“I’ve enjoyed “reading” my new artwork and find many of the words inspiring as a writer (I’ve recently completed a novel). I look forward to continually finding and rediscovering new meaning and depth. One of my personal criteria for great art is when you can enjoy a work on different levels from a distance and up close. Yours certainly falls into that category.”

-Janice Kleinschmidt, Deputy Editor, Palm Springs Life Magazine

"Richard, I just want to say first of all that I absolutely adore my original 'Chaotic Embrace' framed piece done by you. I cannot wait to purchase another piece of your gorgeous works! I show everyone that comes to my home my wonderful artwork! I felt so lucky to have found your booth in Tahoe last summer- I am still finding new lines to read everyday! It's as if I never loved art until I saw yours.... Bravo! Thanks.."

- Meghann Mahathey Las Vegas, NV

"Richard, Your work is amazing. My mother introduced me to your work early in the year and loved it immediately upon visiting your site to explore. I am now the proud owner of your print "Sketchbook" (present from my mom) which could not be more fitting for me. I look forward to many years of admiring the piece, gaining inspiration (both artistic and literary) from it, and reminding myself of the simplest, but most important message that 'life's too short....'. Thank you for the gift of your talent! "

- Angie Boesch St. Louis, MO

“It was great seeing your work at the SD art festival last weekend. Thank you for the “To Begin” print, I love it! I find many of the phrases emotionally stirring, especially when paired with the image they create. I hung my picture that same night. Your art is very creative and unique. I look forward to seeing much more of it in the future.”

- Brock Pysz, San Diego, CA

“Richard Curtner takes collage art to an incredible level. The amount of time he spends coordinating and composing each piece is remarkable, and the level of detail involved in creating these works is phenomenal. “

- Susan Marsden, Tucson, AZ

“I purchased three of your prints at the Sacramento Art Show and just love them. I wanted you to know how greatly I appreciate them and your work. I’m curious what original pieces you might have for sale, or what commissions might cost.”

- Lisa Nelson, artist

“Hi! I Just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend bought me “To Begin” at Carefree Art Festival last weekend. I just ordered “Sunday Afternoon”. Thank you… Love your work.”

- Tammy Aldrich, AZ

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I admire your textual collage work. I've seen it at the La Quinta spring show and, a year ago, clipped your article from a local magazine there, only to come across it this morning, move to your website, and order a print of "The Calm". I am eager to frame and hang it in my office, a reminder of my birthplace (Key West) and a sample of your very special art form.

I will look for you the next time I spend spring break in La Quinta. In the meantime, congratulations on your artistic success and your originality. Can't wait for that print to arrive!"

- Jennifer O'Dorisio

"The themes and images are quite striking, and because of the amount of detail, I found myself looking at his pieces far longer than I usually look at other work. With the amount of text that goes into each piece, I could easily imagine being able to come back to a collage time and time again and always have new thoughts from it."

- Ellery Long

" I visited your site. You are a remarkable artist. Your works are very unique and sophisticated. I think you are a visual poet."

- Rin Colabucci, artist